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Complete supplies for your aquariums & ponds whether freshwater or saltwater is available together. We have a wide range of aquariums, fish foods, filters, lights, aquatic tools, decor and other accessories.

Active filters

  • KW Zone Aquafin Basic Flake

    • Ideal food for all tropical fish and goldfish
    • Rich source of nutrients and vitamins ensure healthy growth of fishes
    • Sinks slowly that enables fish to get the food easily
    • Provides essential nutrients the fish need to reach peak coloration and vitality
    • Supplies electrolytes that fish need to help them breathe easier and remain healthy
  • Camry Filter Bio Ball

    Aquarium Bio Filter Media Plastic Bio Ball

    Bio ball made of advanced non-toxic PP plastic, processed into nets pore structure.Internal porous structure made for the adsorption of nitrifying bacteria,conducive to Oxygen convection exchange in oxidation, and provide large bio surface area for the reproductive growth of nitrifying bacteria.Inside with filter cotton, which can live more nitrifying bacteria, further improve the bio capacity of bio ball. Bio ball have different sizes,bio balls are with large area can provide growth space for nitrifying bacteria,to establish a complete and balanced biological filtration system. 

  • KW Zone Aquafin Gold Fish Flake

    • Is formulated specially for the goldfish and in order to brighten the skin color of the fish, special natural astaxanthin is added.
  • KW Zone Plastic Tank

    KW Zone Plastic carriers have self-locking lids with hinged viewer/feeder windows

    The mini, small and medium sizes have carrying handles for easy transport

    Keepers have well-ventilated lids in assorted colors

    Fish Container, Turtle Containers, Hamster Containers, Small reptile

    Plastic water tank is not affected by corrosion or rust

    100% trasparent plastic tanks.

    Sizes: 100m / 180mm / 230mm / 300mm/ 380mm 

    *Note:  Assorted Color. (Pink, Blue, Red and Green)

    Available in different colors It is not possible to choose the color, the item will be shipped according to stock availability




    S -  3 cm    30 mm

    M - 5 cm     30 mm

  • KW Zone Aquadine Airstone -Long

    Durable air stone diffuses water in every direction
    Accelerates oxygen replenishment
    Fits standard airline tubing


    1 inch (2.5cm)

    2 inch (5cm)

  • KW Zone Aquadine Airstone Round-2.2cm / 1" -Blister Card

    KW Zone Aquadine Airstone Round-2.2cm-Blister Card 

    2.2cm / 1" Round Ball

    An air stone is a piece of aquarium furniture, traditionally a piece of limewood or porous stone or Flexible plastic tubeing, which with tiny holes that is attached to airline tubing which diffuses air from an air pump into the tank in the form of bubbles.

    Using an air stone can eliminate the noise and large bubbles of conventional air filtration systems, and provide other benefits to the health of the fish.

    Airstones are sold in a very wide variety of shapes, sizes, and levels of coarseness----from extremely rough producing larger (Though still typically unnoticeable) bubbles and letting in more oxygen --- to very fine, producing minuscule bubbles.

    Package included:

    1 Round Ball Airstone

  • KW Zone Aquadine Airstone Round

    - Creates bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump. - Great instrument to keep aquatic fish for respiration process. - Suitable for freshwater, saltwater aquarium and hydroponic use. - Sewage treatment plant for aeration and agitation, to prevent deposition of large particles of sediments and remove part of organic matters - Fish ponds (aquaculture plants) increase oxygen for eutrophic water body in environment and biological culture - Increase oxygen for live fish and seafood transport - Aquarium (purifiers) purification and filtration; water quality ozone sterilization and oxygen increasing - Other processes need to diffuse air

  • KW Zone Dophin Spare Filter Carbon Catridge for H80, H100, H200, H300, H500, H800 &SH258

    Carbon filter cartridge is with high quality filter wool and activated carbon to remove odors and purify water. The bio cartridge is plastic with liners to form housing space for nitrifying bacteria.

    KW Zone Dophin Carbon Filter Cartridge

    - For H80

    - For H100

    - For H200

    - For H300

    - For H500

    - For H800

    - For SH258

  • KW Zone Aquadene General Aid


    is the newly developed German fish treat used as a cure and as a general prevention for all common fish diseases like ich, sore spots, fin rot, torn fins, mouth and body fungus. It is widely used in fish farm, hatcheries, and by exporters and importers to cut down mo rates during transit.

    Volume : 100ml / 200ml


    Smil for 30L of water.


  • Karis Submersible LED Light

    Karis Submersible LED Light (Colorful LED)

  • Camry Glass Bowl

    Camry Glass Bowl gives your fish a stylish home with the Fish R Fun Round Glass Bowl. This bowl is perfect for those who are beginning to look after fish. The clear bowl with its solid flat base has an open top making it easy to fill with decorations to give your fish an even more exciting home.

    Sizes: 2,3,6,8,10,12,16 and 20 inches

  • Boyu Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    • OUTSTANDING FILTRATION! Each bio ball is covered in spines to dramatically increase the surface area of each ball to nearly 2 square feet providing space for a massive number of beneficial bacteria to colonize. 
    • TOUGH AND UNIQUE! Our bio balls’ spherical shape and precise spine placement permits them to pack tightly into any shape or filter type without losing surface area. 
    • TRUSTED! Our Bio balls are 100% polypropylene making them reliable biological filtration media for fresh and saltwater.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - When organic waste builds up in the bioballs, they can be gently rinsed in dechlorinated wate to remove debris and refresh the bioballs.