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Buy Best Quality Small Pet Accessories products in UAE | Petcare.


Best quality Small Pet Accessories in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Fujairah. Best Small Pet Accessories products in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar with famous brands including Happy Cat, Happy Dog, Padovan, Duvoplus, Ferplast, Groom Professional, Stuzzy, IMAC, Bioline, Pado, Moderna, Synergylabs, Flexi, Doco, Pawpals & More.

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  • NurturePro AG+ Silver Pet Wet Wipes- 100 Sheets

    Capable of cleaning skin and any surface. Safe for sensitive pets.

    • AG+ silver protects against infection and disease. It disinfects efficiently and eliminates more than 99.99% of bacteria, virus, fungus, and prevents them from multiplying.
    • Calendula plant extracts help moisturize, heal, and soothe skin.
    • EDI water has the optimal pH level that keeps skin barrier healthy and balanced.
    • Suitable for cats, dogs, and some other small animals.

    *Available Sizes: 100 Sheets / Pack

    *Available Fragrance: Unscented, Aloe Vara, Baby Powder, and Lavender

  • Ferplast Genico Fresh Wet cleaning Wipes

    Wet cleaning wipes for rodents and small animals A practical solution to quickly clean the animal Soaked in a talc-scented lotion They do not cause irritation as they are alcohol-free In pack of 15 pieces

  • Groom Professional Diva Cologne (Perfume)

    Groom Professional Diva Cologne is designed for your Diva! Scent based upon that of a popular female fragrance. Contains exotic fruits, jasmine and velvet musk. Suitable for female dogs and puppies over 6 weeks. This cologne is fruity, fresh and uplifting! Simply spray directly on a dry coat to remove unwanted doggy odours, or freshen between baths. Top Grooming Tip - Spray directly on to a grooming brush to brush through the coat. Professional salon quality formula. Scent lasts on the dogs for days!

  • Padovan Woody Litter- 10L

    Hygienic litter for small animals

    Woody is obtained from the simple pressing of pine wood fibres, without the addition of any other substances. It is the ideal litter for all small animals such as cats, ferrets, rodents and birds, both for its high absorbance and for its capacity for neutralising unpleasant odours.

  • Groom Professional Mandarin & Rose Cologne(Luxury)

    The luxurious pet fragrance features mandarin orange, bergamot, angelica and white flower scents, followed by floral heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. Spray between baths for instant freshness, or after finishing your groom. The scent will last on the coat for days. Simply spray directly onto a dry coat. Made in the UK.

  • Groom Professional Luxury Irish & Amber Pet Cologne

    Delightful, luxurious UK manufactured perfume featuring floral notes of iris interwoven with red berry notes, resting on a luxurious base of musk and amber. This shampoo will work beautifully on all coat types, but works well on dull coats, as it will leave the coat with a stunning shine. Leaves the coat clean, soft, and shiny. Dilution 20:1.

  • Bioline Universal Cosmetic Wipes 10Pcs

    Pet Wipes For Dogs And Cats Offer A Superb Way To Get Rid Of Dirt And Odor From Your Pet’S Body. The Goodness Of Aloe Vera And Vitamin E Promotes The Health And Wellness Of Skin And Shiny Coat.

  • Groom Professional Canine One Cologne|Perfume

    Groom Professional Canine One is a popular cologne, with a scent based upon that of a popular fine fragrance. Ingredients include peach, lychee, jasmine, madonna lily, and musk. Spray directly on the coat between baths to freshen your pet. Grooming Tip - Spray onto a grooming brush to brush directly through the coat. Unisex scent suitable for puppies over 6 weeks.

  • Groom Professional Mandarin & Rose Shampoo

    For the client who deserves that little bit extra. Groom Professional Exclusive shampoos are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standard. This shampoo scent features top notes of mandarin orange, bergamot and white flower, followed by floral heart notes of gardenia and rose. Leaves the coat soft, clean and shiny. Dilution 20:1.

  • JRS Chipsi Nesting Active

    The animal becomes an active “builder” -
    fine nesting material made from 100% plant fibers
  • Duvo Hamsterball Blue

    Transparent plastic Allows hamsters to roam freely Solid plastic Ventilation holes to enable free flow of air restrict use to 2 minutes maximum

    EAN 5414365121518 | 18CM | blue | Medium

    EAN 5414365121488 | 13CM | blue | Small

  • Duvo Wood Fibre - 3.6Kg

    For rodents 100% natural With apple/Lemon Floor covering Low dust

    An ecological cage floor covering for rodents and rabbits. The Duvo+ wood chips are a purely natural product without any additives! They produce little dust are very absorbent and therefore very hygienic. They have a lovely apple scent.

    Fragrance/Flavour: Apple and Lemon

    Weight: 3.6kg

  • Groom Professional Duke Pet Cologne|Perfume

    • A unique 'butch' cologne
    • Designed for male pooches
    • Suitable for puppies over 6 weeks
    • Contains camomile extracts to help soothe the skin
    • The scent lasts on the coat for days!
    • Fragrance/Flavour:  Musky Male Scent
  • Duvo Wood Chips

    Environmentally friendly ground cover 100% natural For warmth and comfort Non-dusty For rodents and snakes

    An ecological cage floor covering for rodents and rabbits. The Duvo+ wood chips are a purely natural product without any additives! They produce little dust are very absorbent and therefore very hygienic.

    Weight: 1kg, 2.5kg, 3.6kg and 20kg

  • Padovan Fieno - Hay 1Kg

    Feed for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas

    Mixed-species meadow hay, harvested and dried with care. It is an important complementary food, especially given its fibre content (28%), as it helps promote the proper functioning of the intestines. Moreover, the hay’s considerable abrasive action helps to keep the continuously growing teeth in these herbivores a constant length.

  • Bioline Deodorizing Spray For Small Pets 175ml

    Bioline Deodorizing Spray For Small Pets-175 Mlneutralizes Bad Odors The Ideal And Environment-Friendly Product For Animal Cages, Bathrooms, Living Rooms Etc
  • Duvo+ Fino Hay

    The Duvo+ hay is a natural hay used as part of your rabbit or rodent's diet and must be high quality. The hay contains plenty of fibre and other important nutrients required by a rodent and promotes good intestinal flora. In addition, hay is essential for the natural wear of your rabbit or rodent's teeth and to avoid damage to the molars and front teeth.

    100% natural hay High quality Essential for herbivores Good for teeth and digestion For rabbits and rodents

    100% natural hay
    High quality
    Essential for herbivores
    Good for teeth and digestion
    For rabbits and rodents
  • Groom Professional Prince Pet Cologne|Perfume

    This fine fragranced cologne has proved to be a hit among groomers and pet owners alike. It has extracts of lemon, lime, and sweet mandarin. The base is musky and ambery with notes of cedar, patchouli, and moss.

    Fragrance/Flavour:  Refreshing Male Scent

  • Padovan Pet Nail Clipper Small

    Small trimmers to delicately cut the nails of small pets.