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List of products by brand Aquael

Aquael | Quality Aquariums & Aquatic Supplies |S M BROS B2B | SMBG 

  • Aquael Glass Platinium Heater



    Glass aquarium heater with an electronic thermostat. Precise and intuitive to use. Available in 8 modes with a power range from 25 to 300 W, designed for different sizes of aquariums. 

    Easy to use and maintainElectronic, precise thermostatIntended for continuous operationWater-resistant (IPX8)

    Easy to use and maintainElectronic, precise thermostatIntended for continuous operationWater-resistant (IPX8)

  • Aquael Oxyboost Airpump

    Aquael Oxyboost Airpump


    A line of classic aquarium aerators. Their exceptionally silent operation is achieved thanks to a carefully thought-out design and insulated housing.

    Energy-savingWater aerationContinous performance adjustmentBuilt-in thermal switch

  • Aquael FIX 2 Heater

    Aquael FIX 2 Heater


    Electronic, glass aquarium heater designed for small and medium-sized aquariums from 7,9 inch high. Available in two models, with 50 and 100 W. Excellent for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

    Small size Easy to use and maintain Intended for continuous operation Water-resistant (IPX8) 

    Power: 50W, 100W

  • Aquael Fan Filter-Internal Filter

    Max. Flow rate (litres / h)

    MINI PLUS : 260L/H

    ONE PLUS : 320L/H

    TWO PLUS  450L/H

    THREE PLUS : 700L/H

    Internal filter, designed to purify and aerate water in aquariums. Depending on the model, it will be perfect for aquariums with the smallest capacities, even below 8 US gal [30 liters], as well as in larger tanks, up to 66 US gal [250 liters].

    Energy-savingCan operate in shallow waterWater aerationContinous performance adjustmentAdjustable outflow directionEasy to use and maintain
  • Aquael Leddy Aquarium Set Black-Day & Night

    The Leddy set provides aquarium animals and plants with safety and optimal living conditions.

    It is ideal as an easy-care ornamental aquarium, also for novice aquarists.

    The set includes: an aquarium with a simple windshield, a modern plastic cover  with an energy-saving lighting module installed, an automatic, maintenance-free heater and an efficient ASAP 500 internal filter.

    Energy efficientEasy to use and maintainSmart openComplete setModern LED lightingDay&Night


    Liters: 25L

    Lighting: LEDDY Tube Sunny D&N 7W

    Filter: AquaEL ASAP 300

    Thermostat: AquaEL Fix 50w

    Dimensions: 41*25*25cm


    Liters: 54L

    Lighting: LEDDY Tube Sunny D&N 7W

    Filter: AquaEL ASAP 300

    Thermostat: AquaEL Fix 50w

    Dimensions: 60*30*30cm


    Liters: 105L

    Lighting: LEDDY Tube Sunny D&N 14W

    Filter: AquaEL ASAP 300

    Thermostat: AquaEL Fix 100w

    Dimensions: 75*35*40cm

  • Aquael Miniboost Airpump

    Aquael Miniboost Airpump


    MINIBOOST is one of the smallest membrane aerators available. Thanks to continuously adjustable performance, it can be easily adapted to any tank. One of its main advantages is the exceptionally durable membrane. The aerator guarantees perfect oxygenation of water in even the most demanding tanks.

    Small size Intended for continuous operation Energy-saving Water aeration Continous performance adjustment

  • Aquael Leddy Tube-Sunny,Day & Night

    The Aquael Leddy Tube Sunny Day & Night 2.0 contains carefully selected LEDs that ensure perfect illumination of the aquarium, guaranteeing excellent living conditions for its inhabitants. It can be installed in Aquael covers and lamps. Thanks to the use of T5 / T8 accessory adapters, it can also be installed in any cover or lamp dedicated to traditional aquarium fluorescent lamps. The accessory DUBLED hanger allows you to add an additional module to the lamp or cover and thus increase the illumination of the tank.

    For the freshwater aquariumModern LED lightingCan be used to replace the T5/T8 lamps2 years guarnreeDay&NightEnergy-saving

    7W, 10W, 14W

  • Aquael Flow Heater

    Aquael Flow Heater


    Our Flow Heater is the first one featuring a Smart Heating System (SHS) – a smart power adjustment technology. The heater is mounted outside of the aquarium, so it does not take up space inside the tank and gives more freedom in terms of the interior arrangement.

    Electronic, precise thermostat

    Electronic, precise thermostat Intended for continuous operation Built-in thermal switch Perfect for aqua-terrariums Small size Easy to use and maintain Undergoes computer-assisted testing 

  • Aquael Asap Internal Filter

    Aquael Asap Internal Filter is an internal filter for aquaria up to approx. 100&150 litres. The ASAP filter combines high performance and excellent usability with a well-thought-out design that reduces the time needed for maintenance work. The AQUAEL ASAP Internal Filter consists of a modern, energy-efficient motor housed in an elegant casing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with a carefully selected filter sponge. 

    Easy to use and maintain

    Easy to use and maintai

    Energy-savingWater aeration

  • Aquael Ultra Heater Plastic -100w


    ULTRA HEATER – The first smart aquarium heaters.

    Aquarium heater, which precisely adjusts the heating power to the desired temperature of the water in the aquarium. Made of plastic, shatterproof housing guarantees safety of use in aquariums with turtles and large fish. The heater is available in 6 models, suitable for different sizes of aquariums. Caring for the vulnerable inhabitants of your aquarium

    Made in Poland

  • Aquael Leddy Tube-Plant

    Aquael Leddy Tube Plant 2.0 is a replaceable LED lighting module designed for plant-stocked aquariums. Emits light with a color temperature of 9,000 K, in which red and blue bands have been strengthened, which perfectly fits the needs of aquarium plants and supports their growth.

  • Aquael Leddy Tube retrofit adapter T5/T8

    The metal "ends" shown in the video are not present in the new adapters, so suitable for models with threaded moisture protection.

    In addition, it is possible to attach with screws (separately purchased) to a plastic cover with, for example, a plastic cover. the whole T5/T8 lamp unit removed.

  • Aquael Cabinet Glossy Black



    Each cabinet model is tested for load, which guarantees its extraordinary durability and safety. The inside of the cabinet provides plenty of space for storing accessories and equipment, necessary for the maintenance of the aquarium. 

    Aquarium cabinet made of high-quality MDF finished to a high gloss. It is characterized by minimalist design and functionality. Available in four sizes, in black.


    80x35 (depth with doors) x72

    100x40 (depth with doors) x72

    120x40 (depth with doors) x72

    150x50 (depth with doors) x72

  • Aquael Leddy Slim Duo 16W Black-Sunny,Plant & Night

    The LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps are intended for use in nano-tanks to create exceptionally favourable lighting conditions. The lamps have a uniquely modern design: they are made in the shape of a flat white panel that can be installed on the side or rear wall of the tank by means of a single holder.

    Power: 16w

  • Aquael Aquarium Glossy Day & Night black

    Aquael Aquarium Glossy


    The GLOSSY set is a unique novelty product. The set includes a tank with especially elevated walls. The lid with an inbuilt lighting unit is glued into the upper part of the tank. Modern LED lighting with day & night function

    An elegant premium kit, equipped with modern, energy-saving LED lighting. An ideal proposition for aquarism enthusiasts who appreciate modern style and functionality.

    Dimensions: 150 x 50x 63cm, 100 x 40 x 63 cm, 120 x 40 x 63 cm, 80 x 35 x 54cm

    Energy-saving Easy to use and maintain Smart open Raised tank walls Expandable lighting unit Modern LED lighting

  • Aquael Cabinet Optiset Black


    Professional Aquaristic Cabinet Opti Set dedicated to Opti Sets. Made of high-quality materials, it guarantees long-term durability and resistance to damage and moisture.


    OPTI SET 125 : 80.5 X 35.3 (depth with door) X 80CM

    OPTI SET 200:100.5 X 40.5 (depth with door) X 80CM

    OPTI SET 240: 120.9 X 40.5 (depth with door) X 80CM

  • Aquael Lighting Modul Leddy Tube Mini 3W



    Energy-saving LED lighting with a power of 3 W, designed for small aquariums with a capacity of up to 8 US gal. Safe to use, long-lived, with a universal color of light. Leddy Tube Mini is a set with the Leddy Mini Creative Set aquarium set.

    Energy-savingSmall sizeModern LED lighting

  • Aquael Ultra Filter-Canister Filter (External filter)

    ULTRA FILTER is a range of modern aquarium filters intended for medium and large tanks. Thanks to the use of proprietary solutions, they ensure convenient operation and perfectly clean water in the aquarium. They are ideally suited for any type of freshwater tank (general-purpose aquaria, plant, natural, biotope aquaria).

    MAX FLOW : 1400L/H, 1200L/H

  • Aquael Leddy Slim Duo Sunny & plant &night Black 10W

    Nano lamp Aquael Leddy SLIM DUO [10W] SUNNY+PLANT - black

    LED lamp for aquarium 20-50cm long.

    LEDDY SLIM DUO lamps are a new proposal to provide favorable light conditions in nano aquariums. They are distinguished by an extremely modern look – they have the form of a flat, white panel installed with a single handle on the side or rear window of the tank.

    For freshwater aquariums, the LEDDY SLIM DUO SUNNY&PLANT lamp is intended. It contains two rows of diodes with a total power of 10 W (2x5 W). Half are SUNNY LEDs emitting near-solar light (color temperature 6500 K), and the other half are PLANT LEDs specially developed for the needs of plants (color temperature 8000 K).

  • Aquael Aquarium Opti Set Black

    Aquael Aquarium Set Opti Set

    The Opti Set aquarium set blurs the boundaries between you and the underwater world! It impresses with its extraordinary transparency and precision workmanship. The opti glass, polished edges, and satin finish of the cover form an elegant whole. The set includes Leddy Tube Day&Night lighting (expandable to 9 modules).

    Tank Volume : 125 L

    Dimensions [cm] : 81x36x51cm

    LED Lighting [W] : LED D/N 2x14

    Tank Volume : 200 L

    Dimensions [cm] : 101x41x56cm

    LED Lighting [W] : LED D/N 2x14

    Tank Volume  : 240 L

    Dimensions [cm] : 121x41x56cm

    LED Lighting [W] : LED D/N 2x17

    Energy-saving Easy to use and maintain Smart open Expandable lighting unit Modern LED lighting