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List of products by brand Aqua Medic

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  • Aqua Medic Aqualine T5 Reef White

    The aqualine T5 Reef White 10K is a bright white bulb with a color temperature of 10000K. The lamp simulates tropical sunlight and is the ideal basic illumination for marine as well as freshwater aquaria. 

    Length :-

    39 W - 85 cm
    54 W - 115 cm

    80 W - 145 cm 
  • Aqua Medic Aqualine

    Product description

    Aqua Medic aqualine 20000 - 250 W The blue Aqualine 20000 burners have a color temperature of around 20,000 Kelvin. Through the use of this tactical burner the blue and green colors of the corals are emphasized

  • Aqua Medic Spare Pads Blue\Black For Mega Meg


    Dimension :-

    Model - AM67101        10x7.5x0.10 cm

    Model - AM67103        15x10x0.10 cm

  • Aqualine T5 Reef Blue

    aqualine T5 Reef Blue is intended for use in saltwater aquaria with the lamp emitting, almost exclusively, blue light in the spectrum between 400 nm and 500 nm, peaking at 420 nm.

  • Aqua Sunspot

    aquasunspot 7x1 and aquasunspot 12x1 are constructed using 1 watt power LEDs. The combination of white (10,000 K) and blue LEDs results in a perfect colour spectrum for coral reef aquariums. The light efficiency is c. 90 lumen/watts.

  • Aqua Medic Spare Bulb - Helix Max

    You are purchasing one 18 Watt, 18W Aqua Medic Helix Max UV Sterilizer UV Bulb 10,000 Hour Long Life Lamp 18 Watts UV Light Bulbs are PL style lamp with 2G11 base and is a low-pressure hot cathode germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) mercury arc lamps that is most effective tool for eliminating microorganisms such as virus, bacteria, algae, mold and yeast in the air and impurities in water.


    Power - 18W     -   21 x 3.5  cm

    Power - 36W     -   40 x 3.5 cm

  • Aqua Medic Mv Computer Set - Microprocessor Controlled Redox-Potential (Orp) Monitor And Controller)

    The mV computer-Set uses the same microprocessor technique as the pH Computer-Set. Waterproof touch keys are used to set the required values and calibrate the electrode. 

  • Aqua Medic Or 2500 W-Mesh Wheel T Blue 3000

    The Ocean Runner Series of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are very quiet in operation. They have fully encapsulated synchronous motors and can operate completely safely either submerged or out of the water. 

  • Aqua Medic Mega Mag

    Mega Mag is a powerful magnetic cleaner for large aquariums, with panel thicknesses up to 55 mm. As with the smaller models in the Mega Mag range, the cleaning pads are easily renewed or a plexipad can be fitted for the cleaning of acrylic aquariums


    Model - AM67000  :-    10.2x15.8x9.9 Cm

    Model - AM67001   :-     14.2x18.8x13.7 Cm
    Model - AM67002   :-    21.1x20.6x24   Cm

  • Aqua Medic Protein Skimmer Acone

    aCone 1.5 EVO Protein Skimmer Adjustable and powerful protein skimmer for installation in a sump. The aCone 1.5 EVO is suitable for seawater aquariums up to 1,500ltrs. Features the latest generation conical reaction chamber design complete with low noise, low voltage (24v DC) DC Runner 3.0 Air wheel pump with DC Controller.

  • Aqua Sunspot

    The aquasunspot 3x1 and aquasunspot 3x3 are equipped with 1 or 3 watt power LEDs. The combination of white (10,000 K) and blue LEDs results in an ideal color spectrum of approx. 14,000 K. The light output of the LEDs is approx. 90 lumens / watt.

  • Aqua Medic Ocean Runner

    The Ocean Runner Series of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are very quiet in operation. They have fully encapsulated synchronous motors and can operate completely safely either submerged or out of the water. 

  • Aqua Medic Helix Max- UV Filter

    Helix Max UV sterilizers can eliminate single-celled algae and give crystal clear water in aquariums and ponds. The water is guided in a spiral path around the quartz tube, resulting in a more efficient use of the UV radiation than in standard units. The inlet and outlet fittings can be rotated 360 ° for easy mounting at any angle. All Helix Max with a rubber cable and high-frequency electronic ballast, for garden ponds, salt and freshwater aquariums. The electronic ballasts extend the life and efficiency of the UV lamps.

  • Aqua Medic Ocean Light

    Aqua Medic Ocean Light 2 x 250W, 3 x 250W, 3 x 150W

    Aqua Medic Ocean Light Plus Aquarium Light FixtureThe Aqua Medic Ocean Light Plus Aquarium Light Fixture series brings the intensity and sparkle of metal halide lighting combined with fluorescent T5 lighting to the aquarium.

  • Aqua Medic Dosing Pump Sp 3000

    The SP 3000 is a hose pump for pumping small amounts of water. It can be used for bypass filters such as the Nitratereductor and the Calciumreactor, to top up evaporated water when combined with an aquaniveau and for the automatic dosing of fertilizers and minerals

  • Aqua Medic Ph Computer Set - Microprocessor Controlled Ph Monitor And Controller


    Microprocessor controlled pH monitor and controller The pH computer-Setutilises a modern microprocessor, which provides high precision measurement and control. ThepH computer-Setis used to control precise values of pH in the aquarium or the Calciumreactor.

  • Aqua Medic Shot Extension

    The Shot Extension is a syringe with extension used for spot feeding corals and marine invertebrates, or to kill aiptasia and other nuisance organisms. It’s 29 inches in length including the syringe. Aqua Medic’s Shot Extension comes with three replacement tips which concentrates the solution to a small area for better accuracy and control.

  • Aqua Medic Reefdoser Triple

    Aqua Medic ReefDoser Dosing Pump - Triple

    Independent pumps with integrated controller for precise adjustment.

    The Aqua Medic Reefdoser is one of those highly anticipated products that brings a smile to the face of every reef hobbyist that sees one. The Reefdoser can independently run up to 4 dosing pumps.

  • Aqua Medic Impeller Cpl. Or 6500

    Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 6500 Impeller

    Replaceable rotor for the Aqua Medic OR 6500 pump. One of the main parts for the pump pump is the rotor, besides it is the most mobile one, since the rotor always rotates during the pump operation, providing water pumping. Over time, the rotor may fail, this may be evidenced by increased noise or hum of the pump, a drop in the volume of water pumped by the pump. In such cases, the rotor must be replaced.