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High-Quality聽Marine Aquarium in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Fujairah. Best Marine Aquarium聽supplies in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar with famous brands including Sera, KW Zone, Waterlife, Aqua Ocean, Karis, Boyu, Yusee & more.

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  • Karis Aquarium AF-Series

    KARIS Aquarium Series

    Entire Range Of Aquariums & Accessories

    Karis -聽 Best and Top Quality Aquariums with Great Features and Functions

  • Boyu Aquarium ZJ-Series(Without Cabinet)


    路 Novel and attractive shape.

    路 Waterproof, with inner silent water pump and upper filter, improving water quality, good for helpful germs to grow, to produce a serial biological chain.

    路 It will provide your aquatic pets and plants with a natural and healthy environment, beautifying your family home with ease.

    *Color:聽Assorted Colors(WHITE,BLACK,SILVER)

    *Decorations not included in the aquarium

  • Boyu Elegence Aquarium+Cabinet [EA-Series]

    路聽Perfect filtration result by underlying multistage bio filter system.

    路 Multi channel water control system.
    路 Integrated surface oil film processor.
    路 With water flow micro-valve , effectively remove 聽the noise from flowing.

  • Boyu Marine Aquarium With Cabinet 520Lx580Wx630H(Mm)[Hs-62]

    聽128L Nano Cube Marine Aquarium for Home Decoration with LED light HS-62


    聽1.Novel, vogue, ingenious, and larruping aspect & design.

    聽2.聽Together with filter, protein separator, light, air-pump, aerator and water heat regulation.

  • Boyu Marine Aquarium-Black, Tank + Cabinet Set (Back Filtration System)

    Marine Aquarium-Black聽 (Back Filtration System)


    Non-frame glass aquarium.

    Back Filtration System.

    With build-in multistage filtration system.

    With build-in protein skimmer.

  • Boyu Marine Aquarium-White, Tank + Cabinet Set (Bottom Filtration System)

    HA Series with super silence variable frequency energy saving water pump and bottom filtration system.


    • Non-frame glass aquarium.

    • With build-in multistage filtration system.

    • With build-in protein skimmer.

  • Boyu Marine Aquarium-520Lx580Wx630Hmm[HS-62]-Without Cabinet-128L

    聽 128L Nano Cube Marine Aquarium for Home Decoration with LED light HS-62

  • Boyu Modern Aquarium LZ-Series With Cabinet

    • Top-mounted biochemical filtration system;

    • The high-transmittance glass front plate is formed by one-time hot bending, no blind viewing angle, wide viewing angle;

    • Beautiful design, strong waterproof performance, energy-saving lighting system.

  • Boyu LJ Series Diamond Aquarium with Cabinet (68L)

    The BOYU LJ-430聽68L Aquarium + Cabinet is a refined and stylish hexagon-shaped aquarium that聽suitable for various sea water & fresh water animals keeping.


    1.Energy saving high intensity lighting system:low energy consumption and high efficient light-tube.

    2."Flip-top" upper lid:back-turn aquarium lid, easy maintenance.ruggedized ABS plastic.

    3.Upper bio-filter system.

    Tank Size: 68L | 453mm (L) x 413mm (W) x 639mm (H) (Cabinet Height 80cm)

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Filtration System: 500L/H

    Lighting System: PL-15W

    Power: 7W

    Note: Does not include a heater, Fish, and Decorations

  • Aquael UltraScape Forest Aquarium

    Aquael UltraScape Forest Aquarium with Light

    UltraScape - an aquarium set designed by aquascapers. Designed to create spacious and open arrangements, thanks to the ideal proportions used in the aquascaping. The use of the correct glass thickness, precise workmanship, and aesthetics of gluing, make the set 鈥渁 member of the premium class鈥. Suspended, adjustable, lighting provides ideal illumination throughout the tank, and blends in beautifully with the set.聽

    Your favourite aquascape design will look absolutely natural and neutral in colour thanks to the crystal clear, colourless glass sides of this aquarium. Polished edges and transparent joints ensure a discreet appearance and do not disrupt the view.




  • Boyu Luxury Aquarium 125Lx55Wx155Hcm [LY-1200]

    路 Fashion, gorgeous style, design and generous, the tank perfectly shows the gorgeous and noble temperament of Arowana.
    路 With high-efficiency, energy saving, the tank can simulate the natural spectrum light source, to promote the growth of Arowana, highlight Arowana color, to create a warm atmosphere of the aquarium.
    路 Configured with Powerful and efficient cabinet filtering system, the tank provides the Arowana better growth environment.
    路 With touch-control panel, configured the remote control operator, it is convenient and quick!

  • Aqua Medic Yasha Marine Aquarium 33.5L (30 x 40 x 30cm)

    The Yasha system includes: A NanoProp 5000 with adjustable current pump for reef aquariums. A propeller pump that creates strong currents with low uptake and fully adjustable flow from 2000 to 500 lph for the desired flow depending on your livestock requirements, a highly efficient and very quiet running Turboflotor Blue 500 Protein Skimmer for aquariums up to 250 litres and a Venturi pump and mesh needle type wheel for ultra-efficient skimming.

  • Sera Marin Bio Top Cube 130XXL-130L-58x51x62.6cm

    • 130聽Litre freshwater complete aquarium with LED lighting and filtration
    • Internal 4聽chamber filter with: filter sponge, 2聽Litre high performance filter medium Sera siporax Professional, sera 100聽W Heater and pump STP 1000聽conveyor
    • Curved Glass ground and polished
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 51聽x 62,6聽x 58聽cm
    • The cover of the Sera聽鈥撀燣ED Cube 130聽XXL/Certified by the German T脺V/GS certified.
  • Karis Aquarium LYP-Series

    KARIS Aquarium LYP Series

    Entire Range Of Aquariums & Accessories.

    Karis -聽 Best and Top Quality Aquariums with Great Features and Functions

  • Boyu Luxury Aquarium EYM 1000 Series with Cabinet, Black (1000Lx400Wx1530H mm)

    Suitable for various seawater & freshwater animals keeping.

    The EYM-1000 Series聽 Aquarium 280L is a premium tall profile tank idea for larger freshwater fishes like goldfish, discus, parrot fish, cichlids, monster fish, and juvenile arowanas.

    EYM series with bottom filtration system separated of dry and wet.

    Note:聽 Top standard version with the lid with big powerful LED light optional


    1. Open style design, no strips to block sign.

    2. Wireless intelligent control with large display screen.

    3. With small lid for feeding, water adding and ventilation. Perfect for installing food timer.

    4. Multi-houses partitioned bottom filtration device.

    5. Professional LED light for aquatic purpose.

    6. Multichannel water control system

    Dimension: 1000Lx400Wx1530H mm

    Capacity: 280L

  • Boyu Magic LED Aquarium 200Lx270Wx280Hmm-Black

    路 Modern Table Mini Aquarium
    路 Operation Control of touch mode.
    路 Multi-Mode LED lighting system
    路 Safe voltage of DC12V聽
    路 With holes on the lid for feeding, water adding and ventilation
    路 With internal filter system.

  • Karis Aquarium

    KARIS Aquarium Series

    Entire Range Of Aquariums & Accessories

    Karis -聽 Best and Top Quality Aquariums with Great Features and Functions

  • Boyu LZ-1500A Aquarium with Cabinet (Black)

    Suitable for various sea water & fresh water animals keeping.

    Boyu Aquarium LZ Series-1500A has a top filtration system, one-step bended high-grade glass,without any blind visual angle with a modern and elegant design. Moreover,聽 it is waterproof and has a high efficiency lighting system.


    -Top filtration system

    -One-step bended high-grade glass,without any blind visual angle.

    -Moden and elegant design.With well waterproof,high efficiency lighting system.

    -They present a sober and elegant aesthetic

    -Ideal aquarium for both fresh, salt and reef water

    -Curved front glass with rounded corners

    -Dimension:聽1529L x 600W x 850H mm

    -Capacity:聽621 L

    *Heater and decorations not included in the aquarium