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ZooMed | Reptile Supplies & Accessories | PetCare UAE

ZooMed Reptile Supplies | High Quality Reptile Supplies, Terrarium Equipments & Accessories in Pet Care Online Store in UAE | Free Delivery All Over UAE

  • Zoo Med Turtle Dock Repl Suction Cup

    • 2 Pack Of Turtle Dock Suction Cups.
    • Use to secure Turtle Dock to prevent sinking..
    • For use with Unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on..
    • Imported from USA.

    Unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. Self
    leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels.
    Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area
    for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. Available in 3 sizes
    to easily accommodate any size aquatic turtle.

  • Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log - 12.25″ x 6.4″ x 5.2″

    The new natural looking Floating Turtle Log provides security, comfort, and stress reduction for aquatic turtles, newts, frogs, mudskippers, and tropical fish. The hollow resin log floats just at the surface so that turtles can bask on top of it or hide submerged inside. Its Bottom-weighted design prevents the log from rolling over, even with two 4″ (10 cm) turtles on top.

  • Zoo Med FS-C5 Reptisun UVB 5.0 / Size (Compact 8.5 in.)

    The standard UVB lamp for reptiles, winner of the category award. A 5% UVB emission causes vitamin D3 synthesis to occur naturally, preventing or stopping MOM and other health problems in turtles, pogonas, iguanas and any other diurnal reptile. REPTISUN® 5.0 is effective for UVB induced photoconversion of vitamin D3 in reptile skin at distances up to 30 cm. Don't settle for imitations: choose the original reptile UVB lamp, choose Zoo Med's REPTISUN® 5.0.

    • Compact fluorescent lamp for reptiles

    • Special UV transmitting quartz glass

    • 5% UVB to prevent and treat bone-metabolic disease in captive reptiles

    • 30% UVA to increase appetite and stimulate mating in captive reptiles

    • Ideal for all tropical reptiles. • Also excellent for arrow frogs (Dendrobates) and terrarium plants.

  • Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 UVB (ART-FS5-24E)

     Zoo Med FS5-24 Reptisun T5 High Output 5.0 UVB Lamp For Large Habitats 22 Inch

    -Eliminates the risk of vitamin D3 overdose from synthetic sources

    -Increases appetite and physical activity, while helping to induce reproductive behaviors

    -Safe and beneficial for use with all types of reptiles, snakes, turtles, tortoises and amphibians regardless of their UV requirements

    Brand: Zoo Med

    Color Name: Multicolour

    Pets_Type: Reptiles

    Pet Supplies Type: Aquatic Accessories