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List of products by brand WenLon

WenLon | High Quality Aquariums & Mini Tanks | PetCare UAE

WenLon | High Quality Aquariums and Mini Tanks in Pet Care Online Store in UAE | Wen Lon Aquariums & Aquatic Supplies | Free Delivery All Over UAE

  • WenLon Algae Scrapper Master

    WenLon Algae Scraper Master

    •  Special craft Acrylic blade Replaceable design

    • High quality Material for handle, Not broken.

    • Acrylic blade ultra sharp and no rusty.

    • Unique craft Acrylic sharp blade is replaceable,four sharp edge of one blade can be used for four times.

    • Can be used in glass tanks,do not scratches on tank surface.

    • Unsinkable design,great convenience to use.

    • 100% design and made in Taiwan.

  • WenLon USB White LED Clip Light

    WenLon USB White LED Clip Light 

    • Powered by USB plug-in.

    • High quality 12 LED lighting point .

    • Stylish design-flat and light weight.

    • 100% design and made in Taiwan.

    • Lighting : LED

    • Power : 0.5W

    • Constan currentt : 370 mA

    • Beam angle : 160 degree

    • DC output : 5V

    • LED consumption: 5W

  • WenLon Dual Use Display Tank With LED

    Stylish Dual-use Display Tank with LED light

    • Stylish triangle shape tank, one seamless molding.

    • Made by high quality Acrylic, durable and easy to maintain.

    • Smart dual-use design for small fish, frog, turtle and plant.

    • Enclosed with LED light and powered by USB plug- in design, quality and safety assured.

    • Water prooftransparent Acrylic LENS, no etiolation and matt problem.

    • Easy to operate with one on and off switch.

    • Recommend to be used with the AIR PUMP, easy to clean

    • LED  lighting :-  

    • Watt : 0.4W* 10
    • Constan current: 370 mA
    • Beam angle : 160 degree