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Buy Best Quality Dog Foods & Treats products in UAE | Petcare.


Best quality Dog Foods & Treats in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Fujairah. Best Dog Foods & Treats products in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar with famous brands including Happy Cat, Happy Dog, Padovan, Duvoplus, Ferplast, Groom Professional, Stuzzy, IMAC, Bioline, Pado, Moderna, Synergylabs, Flexi, Doco, Pawpals & More.

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  • Duvo Dog Snack 80g

    Soft meat snack Made from delicious chicken Ideal snack or reward for dogs from 6 months Should not make up more than 20% of your pet's daily menu Resealable packaging

  • Dog Fest Turkey Meat Bones For Small Breeds

    Dog Fest Turkey Meat Bones For Small Breeds

    Our famous chewy bone for small breeds is made with delicious turkey meat. Turkey would be an excellent choice for those with sensitive stomach or allergies.


    turkey, rawhide, vegetable by-products, minerals.

    Guaranteed analysis,%:

    crude protein 35, crude fat 6.5, crude fiber 0.2, crude ash 3, moisture 18.

  • Padovan Fresh Chews

    Complementary feed for dogs

    Fresh Chews are made from real animal hide and come in different shapes to keep your dog occupied and satisfy his chewing instinct, directing his attention away from rugs, furniture and other objects around the house. They also help reduce the formation of tartar, partly due to their abrasive effect, but also thanks to the sodium hexametaphosphate in the formula, which helps stop the formation of tartar by binding the calcium found in saliva.

  • Dog Fest Chicken Fillet Strips For Mini-Dogs - 55g (1.94oz)

    This delicacy is quite simple. Pure chicken fillet strips are slowly cooked in oven to become the greatest treat ever made. Easy to break into smaller pieces to use for training as a reward.

  • Padovan Natural Chews Bone

    Feed material

    Article to be chewed by dogs, made from cow hide, which helps your dog’s dental care.

  • Bioline Canned Dog Food 375g -Min Order 24 pcs (24 Cans / Box)

    High protein & Comprehensive nutrition

    with vitamin B and iron vitality

    with vitamin E to support natural defences

    with natural fibres for easy digestion

    made with fresh meat for taste dog loves

    Available Flavours:  Chicken Meat/ Chicken Head/ Beef / Beef & Vegetables

    Weight: 375g

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care-Immune Support-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Care-Immune Support

    A healthy doggy is a happy doggy. Strengthen your furry friend’s immunity with one (or two) of our Turmeric & Shiitake Happi Doggy® Care Dental Chews! Say goodbye to lethargy and hello to more fun!

    Key Benefits

    Turmeric & Shiitake

    Supports Boost in Overall Health.

    Helps to Freshen Breath Naturally

    Grain-Free, Hypoallergenic Formula.

    Great source of antioxidants and dietary fiber that help boost immune function of the body.

    Size: 4" -

    Box of 50packs

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care-Hip & Joint Support-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Care-Hip & Joint Support

    Let doggo be happy and active with our Rosehip & Okra Happi Doggy® Care Dental Chew! Rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, joint discomfort will be eased to encourage more jumping and playing!

    Key Benefits

    Rosehip & Okra

    Supports Stronger Joint Mobility

    Helps to Freshen Breath Naturally

    Grain-Free, Hypoallergenic Formula

    Great source of antioxidants and essential minerals that protect against cell damage and minimize infection throughout the body. They ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage.

    Size: 4" - 

    Box of 50packs

  • Dog Fest Duck Fillets For Adult Dogs - 90g (3.17oz)

    This simple, yet amazing treat is our best seller. Dogs truly appreciate the rich flavor of real duck meat. Could be used as a training reward or a quick snack.

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest-Orange-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Zest-Orange

    You love yummy stuff, and so does your dog! How does giving woofers all the goodness and tastiness of oranges in one dental chew sound? Rich in fiber and natural minerals, your canine buddy will enjoy a strong immune system and stronger joints, all thanks to you (and our Orange dental chews)!

    Key Benefits



    Vitamin C in oranges strengthens the blood vessels and connective tissues in the gums, reducing inflammation and delaying the progression of gum diseases.

    Size: 4"- 

    Box of 50packs

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest-Milk-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Zest-Milk

    If anyone in the family needs strong bones, it’s definitely the family dog. Constantly running, jumping and performing tricks for humans ain’t easy! Harnessing the awesomeness of milk, you can now get doggo’s teeth and bones strong, and skin and body all young and vitalised with just one (or two) of our Milk dental chews!

    Key Benefits



    The Calcium and Phosphates in milk help to replenish the minerals needed in the teeth and help rebuild enamel. It also strengthens the jaw bone, which keeps the natural teeth longer, and fights tooth decay. Milk also contains casein proteins that form a protective film on the surface of the teeth. These proteins prevent decaying of the enamel.

    Size: 4"-

    Box of 50packs

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest-Apple-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Zest-Apple

    Treat your dog to a scrumptious Apple chew! Packed with all the goodness of apples, minus the harmful seeds, our Apple dental chews contain health-boosting vitamins such as Vitamins A, E, M and H. Say hello to pretty teeth and fresh breath!

    Key Benefits



    Apples have been commonly recommended as a means for cleaning the teeth after eating because they stimulate an alkaline saliva flow. This alkalinity neutralizes acids produced in dental plaque after carbohydrate ingestion.

    Size: 4" -

    Box of 50packs

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care-Digestive Support-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Care-Digestive Support

    Packed with pumpkin that’s full of soluble fiber, and super nutritious mountain yam, our Pumpkin & Mountain Yam Happi Doggy® Care Dental Chew will make woofers feel so good and energetic all day, every day!

    Key Benefits

    Pumpkin & Mountain Yam

    Supports Gut & Intestinal Health

    Helps to Freshen Breath Naturally

    Grain-Free, Hypoallergenic Formula

    Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Rich in soluble fiber, they add bulk to the excrement by absorbing water.


    Size: 4" -

    Box of 50pcs

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest-Mint-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Zest-Mint

    Funky breath and tummy aches begone! Bursting with freshness and flavour, mint is the perfect remedy for when pupper needs some breath freshening and relieving of stomach pains. Of course, there’s no harm giving a Mint dental chew just because doggo loves it.

    Key Benefits



    The germicidal properties of mint kill harmful bacteria found in the mouth. While preventing cavities and gum infections, it also freshens breath. The essential minerals found in mint fortify the enamel and strengthen the gums.

    Size: 4" 

    Box of 50packs

  • Dog Fest Calcium Bones With Duck For Puppies - 90g (3.17oz)

    A milk bone enriched with calcium and covered with tender duck for great taste. One of the favorite puppy treats ever doesn’t just let your dog enjoy great taste, but also supports the healthy growth of bones and teeth.

  • Schesir Bio Chicken Puppy


    • complete and balanced foods
    • controlled and certified as organic by an independent organization authorized
    • It's formulated with a single source of animal protein
    • Animal proteins are always the top ingredient
  • Dog Fest Chicken Fillet Bars For Adult Dogs - 90g (3.17oz)

    These chicken bars are made of pure chicken fillet parts. Chewy, easy to break into smaller pieces, they always come in handy. No dog can resist.

    Composition: chicken, vegetable by-products, minerals.

    Guaranteed analysis, %:

    crude protein 50, crude fat 4, crude fiber 0.3, crude ash 4, moisture 16.

    Weight: 90g

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Zest-Strawberry-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Zest-Strawberry

    Satisfy doggy’s sweet tooth cravings with our Strawberry dental chews made with real strawberries! Besides keeping their pearlie whites…white, this amazing fruit is also great for anti-aging, and excellent source of Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, and keeps all those nasty doggy diseases at bay. Can our Strawberry dental chew get any better?

    Key Benefits-



    Strawberries are essential for dental health. They contain Malic acid that acts as a natural whitener for the enamel. Full of antioxidants, they also strengthen the immune system. A great alternative to other high-fat treats since they are low in calories but packed with lots of nutrients that aid digestion.

    Size: 4"

    Box of 50packs

  • Dog Fest Duck Fillet Strips For Mini-Dogs - 55g (1.94oz)

    Farm fresh duck meat is slow-cooked in an oven to become your dog's favorite treat. These strips are cut to be just perfect for smaller breeds. Be prepared if your dog begs for more.

  • Happi Doggy Dental Chew Care-Skin & Coat Support-4'' (Display Box-50pcs)

    Dental Chew Care-Skin & Coat Support

    So yummy and nutritious for your good boi or girl! With anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3, your floofer can enjoy moisturised skin and shiny fur with our Honey & Coconut Oil Happi Doggy® Care Dental Chew!

    Key Benefits

    Honey & Coconut Oil

    Helps Soften Skin & Nourishes Coat

    Helps to Freshen Breath Naturally

    Grain-Free, Hypoallergenic Formula

    Good for overall skin health as they contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. Coconut oil works as a moisturizer to keep the skin smooth.

    Size: 4" - 

    Box of 50packs