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    S -  3 cm    30 mm

    M - 5 cm     30 mm

  • Boyu Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    • OUTSTANDING FILTRATION! Each bio ball is covered in spines to dramatically increase the surface area of each ball to nearly 2 square feet providing space for a massive number of beneficial bacteria to colonize. 
    • TOUGH AND UNIQUE! Our bio balls’ spherical shape and precise spine placement permits them to pack tightly into any shape or filter type without losing surface area. 
    • TRUSTED! Our Bio balls are 100% polypropylene making them reliable biological filtration media for fresh and saltwater.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - When organic waste builds up in the bioballs, they can be gently rinsed in dechlorinated wate to remove debris and refresh the bioballs. 
  • Boyu Fish Net

    High quality fine fish nets for aquarium fish tank use.
    Perfect for moving fish from one tank to another safely, or for basic tank maintenance tasks.
    Ideal for tropical, coldwater and marine fish tanks.

  • Boyu Airstone

    • Mineral Sand Air Stone Bars
    • Available Sizes: 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 inch
    • Perfect for creating an air bubble curtain that increases oxygen in your fish tank
    • Made from compressed mineral sand
    • provides fine and constant aeration to your tropical fish tank
  • Boyu Aquarium Heater [HT-Series]

    Temperature can be adjusted conveniently and exactly, which is visible on the indicator
    The sensitive and reliable adjustment ensures the stable temperature you want It can be used in fresh or seawater with a compact structure range for most aquariums
    Brace and suckers are included for the ideal position you want in the aquariums.

  • Boyu Carborundum Long Cylindrical Air Stone

    Long Cylindrical Air Stone 

    Diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen for fish to breathe

    A necessity to have around your aquarium

    These are sturdy and durable

    Have high dissolved oxygen rate

    Create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones

  • Boyu Biochemical Sponge Filter


    This simple internal filter works with the power of any air pump connected to it by means of a flexible hose. It can also be used as a pre-filter for external filters or power heads. Sponge filters provide a suitable mechanical and biological filtration, according to the size of the filter and the bio load of the aquarium. They are cost-effective as they consume only a tiny amount of power to pump the air needed. Diameter: 7,5 cm Height: 9,3 cm Height incl. exhaust pipe: 19 cm exhaust pipe may be shortened by cutting)

  • Boyu Plant Clipper

    • Aquarium tongs
    • For use with fresh or saler
    • Great for deep tanks
    • Sizes: 50cm, 70cm
  • Boyu Carborundum Round Cylindrical Air Stone

    Round Cylindrical Air Stone 

    Air stone round and cylindrical

    Diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen for fish to breathe

    A necessity to have around your aquarium

    These are sturdy and durable

    Have high dissolved oxygen rate

    Create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones

  • Boyu WM-Series Flow Pump (Wave Maker)

    Boyu WM-Series Flow Pump (WaveMaker)


    Patented impeller structure: slow flow and turbulent flow, which solves the defects of common pump flow mode and flow rate too fast. For you to create marine life - a natural and ecological environment.

    Swivel angle adjustment, implemented in any suitable direction of water flow, handsome in appearance-power low-flow side large variety of installations allows the user to use;                     


    Model         Model          Suitable Aquarium  Size 
    WM-101   7W 20-120L            85x78x84mm
    WM-15    16.5W  80-350L     113x108x110mm
    WM-1  28W  40-300L  113x108x110mm
    WM-2  18W   40-260L  113x108x110mm
    WM-3 4x28W 100-600L 113x108x110mm
  • Boyu Submersible Filter[SP Series]


    • This product consists of the diving pump and biochemical filter. The pump body is made from diecast ABS engineering plastic and can endure shock and rust. Made of stainless steel, the pump shaft can be used in freshwater and seawater.

    • The motor is sealed in the body with resin. With good waterproof performance and high isolation intensity, with the protector for heat, it is safe and reliable.

  • Boyu SS Water Plant Scissor

    • Durable stainless steel, length 26cm, used for larger tanks.
    • Used to trim and arrange plants in the aquarium.
    • Beautiful fish product for your aquarium decoration. Easy to use.
    • Safe way to handle water plants to minimize damaged plants while moving or arranging.
    • Made of high-grade stainless steel, the product is rust-resistant, light, and durable.
  • Boyu Stainless Steel Fish Net

    Stainless Steel Fish Net 4Inches | 5Inches | 8Inches

    -Fish net

    -Material: stainless steel

    -Long service life, soft mesh does not hurt fish

    -Plastic skin, stainless treatment


    FC-4: 4 Inches, - Net Size: 10X8cm , Handle Length: 40 cm

    FC-5: 5 Inches, - Net Size: 12X12cm , Handle Length: 40 cm

    FC-8: 8 Inches, - Net Size: 20X17cm , Handle Length: 53 cm

    Net Color: Black/White

  • Boyu S-Series Aquatic Air Pump

    • High polymer composite rubber air pump for long working life and reliability. 
    • Low noise, generous air capacity, does not require oil lubrication.
    • Electronic control of input ratio for high efficiency and low energy consumption. 
    • Reliable function.
  • Boyu LD Series Light

    LD Series Lights  123Wx55Hmm :

    LD-20A  : 6W , 524L x 123W x 55Hmm
    LD-24A  : 7W , 624L x 123W x 55Hmm
    LD-36A  : 9W , 924L x 123W x 55Hmm
    LD-48A  : 15W , 1242L x 123W x 55Hmm

    Easy to install and operate.

    DC 12V low-voltage power supply, safe and reliable.

    High brightness LED light, high luminous efficiency, energy saving, durable, environmental protection.

    Wireless remote control, easy for operation.

    Different LED color adjustable.

    Multilevel brightness adjustable.

    It can be used for general lighting and used in an aquarium.

    It has a very strong irradiation depth of water and a low temperature light release.

    * Suitable for indoor environment or other occasion. The light is with innovative design, elegant appearance and easy for car

  • Boyu Aquarium Brush with Blade, 60cm

    Boyu aquarium Brush with blade, effective at cleaning aquarium glass quickly and with minimal hassle, 60cm long plastic handle makes cleaning easy.Ideal for removing algae from glass surfaces inside your aquarium tank Use it to avoid the need to put hands into the tank and prevent contamination of the aquatic environment. Not suitable for non-glass tanks.

    This scraper with stainless steel blade is great for removing unwanted algae aquarium glass. You can use it without the need to wet your hands.

    size: 60cm

  • Boyu Activated Carbon [AC-500]-500g

    Activated carbon is an essential filter media for every aquarium.It can effectively eliminate odors, detoxifies farmful metals, purifies and soften the water.

  • Boyu SS Water Plant Clamper

    • Hand tweezers with a straight tip for mill forged with ultra-fine stainless steel, 27 CM long, excellent flexibility, never rust.
    • Light,durable.
    • Simple and convenient
  • Boyu Magenetic Cleaner

    The expert of aquatic animals

    Special design and durable life.

    Easy and convenient to use, with good absorb ability and powerful magnetic attraction.

    Clean away the lichen of aquarium and hurtless for glass. 

    Inside magnet automatically stand verticalat the bottom of the aquarium and easy to retrieval when the outside magnet detaches.

    It can measure the water-temperature at any point of the aquarium. The measure scope is wide, and the response speed is fast.

  • Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter

    Waterfall Style Bio Filter

    Water pump, water circulation, water quality filter system are all built-in comprehensive integrated optimization design, water flow adjustment device, flow can be adjusted at will. No need to equip any external equipment, quick equipment and easy operation.

    Built-in water quality filtering system, comprehensive physics, chemistry, microbial decomposition and other new technologies, multi-layer biochemical filtering system, enhance the filtering effect, and ensure clear water quality.

    The waterfall-shaped water flow design mode turns the water surface of the ecological tank and helps release carbon dioxide in the water. Dissolve the oxygen in the air into the water to replenish enough oxygen in the cylinder.