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Buy Best Quality Filter Media Supplies in UAE | Aquariumlives.


High-Quality Filter Media in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Fujairah. Best Filter Media supplies in UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Qatar with famous brands including Sera, KW Zone, Waterlife, Aqua Ocean, Karis, Boyu, Yusee & more.

Active filters

  • Boyu Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    Bio Filteration Bioball 37mm

    • OUTSTANDING FILTRATION! Each bio ball is covered in spines to dramatically increase the surface area of each ball to nearly 2 square feet providing space for a massive number of beneficial bacteria to colonize. 
    • TOUGH AND UNIQUE! Our bio balls’ spherical shape and precise spine placement permits them to pack tightly into any shape or filter type without losing surface area. 
    • TRUSTED! Our Bio balls are 100% polypropylene making them reliable biological filtration media for fresh and saltwater.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - When organic waste builds up in the bioballs, they can be gently rinsed in dechlorinated wate to remove debris and refresh the bioballs. 
  • Camry Filter Bio Ball

    Aquarium Bio Filter Media Plastic Bio Ball

    Bio ball made of advanced non-toxic PP plastic, processed into nets pore structure.Internal porous structure made for the adsorption of nitrifying bacteria,conducive to Oxygen convection exchange in oxidation, and provide large bio surface area for the reproductive growth of nitrifying bacteria.Inside with filter cotton, which can live more nitrifying bacteria, further improve the bio capacity of bio ball. Bio ball have different sizes,bio balls are with large area can provide growth space for nitrifying bacteria,to establish a complete and balanced biological filtration system. 

  • KW Zone E - JET Sponge Filter

    -Sponge filter provides biological filtration, also, the air infusion chamber produces minute bubbles which increase the oxygen solubility.

    -Create crystal-clear water, Idea for small aquarium.

    -Convenient and easy maintenance.

    -Applicable to different filtering systems as a prefiltration.

    -The use of an environmentally friendly high-level sponge as a filter, the use of the air pump

    -To ensure efficient nitrifying bacteria culture, to achieve clean and good water quality stability, effective oxygen and water quality filtration.

  • Sera FilterWool

    For mechanical prefiltration of fine dirt particles sera filter wool for the mechanical prefiltration consists of stable fibers that retain finer dirt particles for a longer time without sticking or collapsing. sera filter wool can be washed out several times. Suitable for all filters.

  • Karis Bio Ceramic Ring 500g

    Bio Ceramic Ring is an essential filter media for every aquarium. It can effectively eliminate odors, detoxifies harmful metals, purifies and soften the water.

  • Karis Bio Activated Carbon[Charcoal]- 300g

    Activated carbon is an essential filter media for every aquarium. It can effectively eliminate odors, detoxifies harmful metals, purifies and soften the water.

  • Karis Aquarium Hang On Filter

    Aquarium Hang-On Filter

    -Compact And Artistic Design.

    -High Quality And Reliability.

    -Mechanical, biological Filtration System

    -Easy installation and maintenance.

    -Energy-saving, quiet, safe, and reliable.

    -Silent operation and long-lasting.

    -Efficiently cleans and filters water.

    -Pump adapts to fresh and marine water

    -Pump adapts to 0°C - 35°C water

    The filter is a filter to be installed in the upper part of the aquarium. This filter has an adjustable length that can be adjusted to the size of the aquarium. Practically installed and easy to clean. Mounting on the top of the aquarium. Adjustable filter length.

    Model: QL-609 - Power: 3.5W, F.Max: 380L/H

    Model: QL-619 - Power: 5W, F.Max: 500L/H

  • Sera Bio Nitrivec

    Premium class liquid filter medium Breaks down food remainders, ammonium and nitrite biologically Provides settling area for useful purification bacteria Creates a biologically active living environment
  • Boyu Bio Ceramic System CR-500

    BOYU BIO CERAMIC SYSTEM CR-500 (6924781200968)Use to the leach,can celerity planting the NITROBAERIA, dont back up and leach have batter effect of leaching, in too-cas and level off water,boot up the antivirus power off water,add more oxygen to it , and it can even increase the efficiency of filteration.

  • Boyu Biochemical Sponge Filter


    This simple internal filter works with the power of any air pump connected to it by means of a flexible hose. It can also be used as a pre-filter for external filters or power heads. Sponge filters provide a suitable mechanical and biological filtration, according to the size of the filter and the bio load of the aquarium. They are cost-effective as they consume only a tiny amount of power to pump the air needed. Diameter: 7,5 cm Height: 9,3 cm Height incl. exhaust pipe: 19 cm exhaust pipe may be shortened by cutting)

  • Boyu Ceramic Ring CR-300

    Use to the leach,can celerity planting the NITROBAERIA, dont back up and leach have batter effect of leaching, in too-cas and level off water,boot up the antivirus power off water,add more oxygen to it , and it can even increase the efficiency of filteration. 

  • Sera Siporax Professional

    The original sera siporax Professional is suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums as well as in ponds. Not depending on the kind of filter (internal/external/trickle filter), it maximizes the surface required for biological purification and provides the optimal substrate for the settling of necessary filter bacteria.

  • Boyu Waterfall Style Bio Filter

    Waterfall Style Bio Filter

    Water pump, water circulation, water quality filter system are all built-in comprehensive integrated optimization design, water flow adjustment device, flow can be adjusted at will. No need to equip any external equipment, quick equipment and easy operation.

    Built-in water quality filtering system, comprehensive physics, chemistry, microbial decomposition and other new technologies, multi-layer biochemical filtering system, enhance the filtering effect, and ensure clear water quality.

    The waterfall-shaped water flow design mode turns the water surface of the ecological tank and helps release carbon dioxide in the water. Dissolve the oxygen in the air into the water to replenish enough oxygen in the cylinder.

  • Sera Biofibres Fine 40g

    For the prefiltration of coarse dirt particles sera biofibres for the biomechanical prefiltration effectively collect coarse dirt particles.
  • Karis Bio Chemical Filter Wool Mat, 200x100x3.8cm

    Biological filter mat is made from high quality material which is helpful for developing nitrobacteria,with thick filaments and hard texture,so its good as middle-laying filter material. Healthy koi need clean water! There fore both mechanical and biological filtration is needed to obtain a natural balance in the koi pond. Biological filtration removes toxic ammoniac and nitrites by meansof bacteria. The righer filter medium gives a large specific surface area for the bacteria to attach to and simultaneously allows sufficient flow of water through the filter without clogging.

    -good water resistance,light resistance,excellent water and air permeability,flame resistance

    - washable ,recyclable many times

    - durable

    -size: 200x100x3.8cm

  • Karis High Density Filter Sponge XY-1871, 100x15x1.8cm

    High density filter sponge

    Produce with environmental microhollow fiber materials that with high permeability. Have good water imbibition and high permeability. It can filtrate harmful substances effectively to achieve the desired filtering effect. It feels elastic in your hands, solid and durable. It wouldn't be damaged after repeated scrubbing wash, and it can be used for a long time.

    -Can be cut according to the required size.

    - Through the sponge, it can filtrate excrements of the fish and feed residue, to improve the water quality and reduce the incidence of fish.

    - Can be cleaned according to the speed of water permeablility, can be used repeatedly after scrubbing.