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  • Sera Pond Mix Royal Nature

    The variegated blend for various pond fish

    Sera Pond Mix Royal Nature is the staple food consisting of carefully processed flakes, granules and whole gammarus for feeding in ponds with various fish throughout the year. Of course free from dyes and preservatives.

    The balanced blend contains everything pond fish of different species and sizes need for a healthy development and strong disease resistance.

    The small ones eat the flakes, whereas the larger ones can choose from three savory granules. The tasty gammarus rich in minerals (7%) are a special treat. The floating food keeps its shape for a long time and does not pollute the water.

  • Pado Crispy Grub Blood Worms Fish Food 45g (500ml)

    "An Excellent Source of Protein for Fish!

    PADO Crispy grub treats are one of the best and most nutritious natural foods for all types of tropical, marines, corals, and turtles Fish. It is genuine blood worms, not mosquito larvae, which means their color-enhancing ability is superb. Their high protein content makes them particularly effective as a conditioning food for breeding fish. These premium, bacteria-free, blood worms help probiotic growth and enhance immunity.

    PADO Crispy grub treat has the natural taste of just like real live worms and is low in overall fat."

    -100% Organic and natural food

    -High-Quality blood worms and high in protein

    -Complete and balanced nutritional staple fish food

    -Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater

    Weight: 45g (500ml)

  • Dayang Bird Cage (370) - 48.5 x 48.5 x 76cm - 4 Pcs/Box

    Dayang Pet Supplies - High Quality Bird Cages,Dog Cages, Rabbit Cages, Hamster Cages & Toys.

  • Sera Aquatan

    Water conditioner for fish friendly water rich in mineral substances immediately removes chlorine and chloramines binds heavy metals with mineral substances

  • Dayang Hamster Cage (187) - 30 x 23 x 25.2cm

    For Mouse,Hamster and Gerbil. Dayang Pet Supplies - High Quality Bird Cages,Dog Cages, Rabbit Cages, Hamster Cages & Toys.

  • Pado Dried Mealworms

    Pado Dried Mealworms food for birds and fishes

    Attract most species of birds to your garden 

    100% natural and high in protein 

    The Mealworms are a snack

    Excellent source of energy

    Available in: 100g, 200g, 800g and 1000g

    Mealworms are very popular during the breeding season but are also an excellent supplement during the moulting period.  Moulting is a drain on body reserves and during the moult, birds benefit from a diet which has a high protein content. Feathers themselves are made of a protein called beta-keratin, so it makes sense to offer birds a high-protein diet at this time in their annual cycle.

  • Sera Koi Royal Nature Medium

    Staple food for balanced growth of Koi between 12 and 25 cm (5 - 10 in.) sera Koi Royal Medium (4 mm/0.15 in.) is the staple food consisting of carefully processed granules for all Koi.

  • Sera Pond Flakes Nature

    The flake food for smaller pond fish

    sera Pond Flakes Nature is the staple food consisting of carefully processed flakes without dyes and preservatives for all smaller pond fish such as goldfish and bitterlings as well as for juvenile fish.

    The harmonic composition with plenty of vitamins, minerals and a balanced carbohydrate vs. protein ratio ideally fulfills the needs, and meets the natural requirements of the fish. This will keep them healthy and active.

    The easily digestible food supports healthy growth, activity and disease resistance of the fish, and is suitable for feeding throughout the year. Since the flakes keep their shape and float for a long time, they are eaten entirely and do not pollute the water.


  • Padovan Granpatee Fruits -1Kg

    Complete feed for fruit, insect-eating birds and other birds (mynahs, blackbird, song thrush, starling, skylark, fieldfare, Japanese nightingale, redwing, etc.)

    Complete food with fruit and honey, with added vitamins and amino acids.

  • Padovan Granpâtée Universelle-1Kg

    Complete feed for insect-eating birds, mynahs and other birds (blackbird, song thrush, starling, skylark, fieldfare, Japanese nightingale, redwing, etc.)

    Complete food with honey, with added vitamins and amino acids.

  • Sera Raffy - P Nature

    The balanced basis for terrapins sera RaffyP Nature is the staple food consisting of floating, gently manufactured granules for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins

  • Sera ImmunPro Nature

    Sera ImmunPro Nature is the growth food for all ornamental fish above 4 cm (1.6 in.). The probiotics are applied to the food in a particularly gentle procedure and stabilize the intestinal flora of the ornamental fish. They ensure reduced water pollution because of more efficient food utilization. Due to the high protein percentage of more than 50%, the addition of probiotics and other functional ingredients such as MOS, Haematococcus (rich in natural astaxanthene) and Spirulina, the breeder food ensures quick growth, strong development and brilliant coloration of the fish.

    ImmunPro Nature is another groundbreaking innovation success by sera in the ornamental fish food range. 


    Recommended animal size

    • medium
    • large

  • Witte Molen Country Finches 600g

    Mix for smart finches

    • Complete feed
    • With added vitamins and minerals
    • Good, balanced feed for extra vitality
    • With delicious, high quality seeds tailored to each finch's needs
    • Witte Molen quality for a fair price
    country-addedvitamins.png country-completefood.png 
  • JRS Chipsi Nesting Active

    The animal becomes an active “builder” -
    fine nesting material made from 100% plant fibers
  • Sera FD Krill Nature Freeze Dried Treats

    The treat for brilliant colors

    sera FD Krill is the natural delicacy consisting of 100% Krill for all bigger fish and invertebrates in fresh and marine water.

    The particularly high amount of protein and natural, color enhancing astaxanthene effectively enhances readiness to spawn, liveliness and color development.

    Due to their excellent ingredients, the planktonic marine shrimps originating from clean, cold waters are an important basis of the food chain in nature. Due to the gentle freeze drying the valuable nutrients of the natural food are fully retained.

  • Duvo Hamsterball Blue

    Transparent plastic Allows hamsters to roam freely Solid plastic Ventilation holes to enable free flow of air restrict use to 2 minutes maximum

    EAN 5414365121518 | 18CM | blue | Medium

    EAN 5414365121488 | 13CM | blue | Small

  • Padovan Stix Herbs Cocorite(Budgie)- 80gm

    Complementary feed for budgies and small exotic birds

    Sticks with vegetable seeds, to be given as a supplement to the birds’ normal diet.

  • Padovan Sunmix Canarini 850 gm

    Complete feed for canaries

    Blend of natural ingredients, carefully selected and enriched with vitamins, which provides canaries all they need in each period of the year.