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Best cat litter in UAE

Check out the best cat litters available in UAE - Best cat litter in UAE -  important cat litter information - High quality cat litter 

Best cat litters in UAE 


Cat litters are one of the important accessories for the indoor cats. It's important for the hygiene of the cat and also filling the natural behaviour of the cats which burying the waste themself. Cat litters are creating the environment for the cats. Quality of the cat litter is necessary for the total house's cleanness. Some of the cat litters even create allergic reaction or kind of lung issues. The dust and smell from the cat litters.  

Cats are habitual animals and its natural that they prefer things they used to. Most of the cats choose the currently using or knowing litters because their habit, and there is no need that this should be because of their comfort towards the litters. If they use silica-based litter they will be choose that if you introduce any other litter. It's your cat's nature, it's your duty to find perfect litter for them. 

There are different types of cat litters are available in the market most of the pet owners prefer these according to the comfortability of them and their pets. Odor controlling, Availability of purchase, price of the litter, Quality of product, dust controlling, absorbance of the product (clump) etc.,  

Natural and artificial cat litters are available in market. Grass, wheat litter, sand, wood shavings like that are some of natural cat litters these are healthy for your cat and also pocket friendly. The other cat litters are not only pet friendly its pet parents friendly too. You don’t have to suffer from the smell from the cat litters there are many cat litters with attractive features like, fragrance, environmentally friendly, fast absorbing etc.,  

Check out the best cat litters available in UAE. Since the people in UAE love the cats it's important them to know about the best cat litters.  


Natural cat litters 

Natural cat litters are allergy free and healthy for the cats and even for the children in the house. These natural cat litters are even flushable, and also clumping and non-clumping natural litters are available. Natural cat litters are made of grass, wheat or grain, sand, wood shavings, wood, papers etc., these are environmentally friendly and affordable. Clay cat litters were the oldest kind of natural cat litter.  


Pet parents' comfort in cat litters may change but all of them agree with the idea of clumping cat litters. Useful and comfortable for Odor absorption cat litters are the clumping cat litters. Those are making from the materials which absorbing water and cover faeces, this help for the maximum utilisation of litter. You can just scoop and remove the clumped materials and replace it with fresh there is no need to be throw the full litter tray. It’s a bit heavy and expensive still you can take this if you over the travel with your paw partner. 

Clumping litter trays also helps the hygiene of the cat, it will not stick on the cat's paws and won’t make your place dirty.  


Non-clumping cat litters 

Non clumping cat litters is actually absorbed maximum waste than the clumping cat litters. The non-clumping cat litters are cost effective and the cats are seemingly preferring the non-clumping litters. If you are convenient to change the litter often then you can use the non-clumping litter without any inconvenience. Non clumping litters are cheap and absorb maximum waste but, the ability to trap the smell is not too good. 

Most of the pet owners prefer it just because of their pet's comfort and preference.  


Check out the brands which provides best quality cat litters in UAE  

  • Pado silica cat litter 

  • Pado silica crystal cat litter 

  • Pado Kitty Cat Round Cat Litter 

  • Pado Kitty Cat Clumping Cat Litter 


  • IMAC Fuffy White Clumping Cat Litter  

  • IMAC Foxy Clumping Scented Cat Litter  


  • Duvo plus premium silica cat litter 

  • Duvo plus premium cat litter 

  • Duvo Cat litter Premium Ultra Compact 

  • Duvo Cat Litter Premium with Baby powder Scent  

  • Duvo Cat litter Budget Sepiolite 


  • Bioline Natural and Fresh Tofu Granular Raw Flavour Flushable Cat Litter 6L 

  • Bioline Bentonite Cat Litter 


  • Geohellas Cat Leader Tofu Clumping Cat Litter Peach 

  • Geohellas Cat Leader Clumping 2XOdour Attack Fresh Aroma Cat Litter 

  • Geohellas Cat Leader Clumping Ultra Compact Cat Litter 


  • Imperial Care Clumping Cat Litter 



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