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Top 5 pet accessory brands in UAE

Top 5 pet accessory brands in UAE – Aquarium lives 


UAE is a fast-paced society and pet owners in this society are always on the lookout for new and quality products to suit their pets. Innovative pet accessories are important for our loving pets in order to hand out to their safety, happiness and well-being. 

Pet world are developing and innovating creative and useful pet accessories for daily life. Quality and creative pet accessories are not only important for pet’s comfort and safety also to maintain the lifestyle of pet owners. 

Who doesn’t want to keep the pets active and happy all the time?? 

Gift them with toys for a happy day and happy hours for their life. Physical and mental activities make the pets healthy and intelligent also it’s gives you quality time and great memories with your pets.  

From feeding trays to sleeping couches there are lot of pet accessories available in market now. There are several brands out there for the pet accessories and pet products. But choosing the best pet products are really tiring and assuring the quality of the brands are not easy. Most of the brands are best but here you can find the top 5 pet accessory brands available in UAE 

Pet accessories are playing a great role in the behaviour of the pets. For example, if you take your dog for a walk outside you need a collar, leash if the leash is low quality and not comfortable for the pet, they may react aggressively. It's because of the discomfort they are facing. So, when you choose pet accessories you should make sure that its comfortable.  

Pet accessories are not a lavish for pets or waste of money, they are necessary for pets. Pet accessories are helping to keep the pets healthy and active. Whatever we say pets are the animals who live away from their natural habitat, it's our duty to give them the best atmosphere with you.  

Pet accessories such are leashes, collar, toys, grooming materials, bathing products, cloths, coats, chews are certainly playing roles in pets health. Maybe they go without noticing but whatever keep your pet happy and comfortable is the main intension of pet accessories.  


Here are the top 5 brands which provide the high-quality products for pets in UAE. These international brands are the best 5 brands for pet accessories,   

  1. Ferplast 

  1. Moderna 

  1. Imac 

  1. Padovan 

  1. Duvoplus 


These brands are globally recognised and making good products for pets for several years. UAE is a place which is full of pet lovers, who do not compromise in the health and happiness of pets.  

Collection of pet accessories are not that simple, choosing perfect from vast choices is really pleasurable and comfortable. You always have options to choose, but both quality and beauty in one go is hard to get. It's possible with these brands. 

If your pet is peculiar or different kind there are many accessories available. All kind of pets and vast range of accessories is the attractions to these brands. If confused in pet accessories range there is everything that you need like, Leashes, litter, bath towel, coat, chewy, grooming materials, beds, collar, GPS Trackers, bandana, washing products, cooling vest etc.,  



High quality pet accessories manufacturing brand since 1966 is the one thing that making the brand Ferplast top in the global pet accessory market itself. Basically, Ferplast is a brand based on Italy but it grown with 12 commercial brands and exports of their products to over 85 countries. The journey of the exclusive brand started with a small step as cage making by a passionate man. The passion to pet's accessories manufacturing led them to the top of the industry. Ferplast is manufacturing and providing more than 4000 pet products for your pets. 4000+ products for pets from one brand! Think about the exposure of the brand and their product quality. 


Ferplast have 3 production plants across the world, 107 international patents for pet products and accessories. Successfully being as top brand for more than 5 decades are specifying the integrity of the brand.  

Ferplast products are suitable for all pets they manufacturing accessories for all kind of pets. leashes, feeding trays, beds grooming materials, collar, cages like that all kind of accessories. 

It’s a complete brand for your pet's needs, you can find various range of products from pet carriers, pens and flaps, kennels, fashion, clothing and much more here. 


Are plastic accessories safe for pets? May be all pet parents had this question at least for once. A Belgium based pet product brand Moderna come up with the safe plastic accessories for petsnon-toxic, strong, durable and easily recyclable raw materials for manufacturing. Moderna is manufacturing plastics pet accessories which are really safe for the pets and it's showed that these products are safe and secure. Moderna is an innovative and trustful brand in pet products industry, it already created the reliable image in the industry with the quality of products and their vision  TG 

Moderna is a brand which manufactures best quality plastic products for pets. Their products are innovative and using the pet friendly plastics for the safety of the pets. 

Moderna successfully shown the market that their pet products and accessories are high quality and also creative & beautiful for pets. They are not compromising on the beauty of the product, that give you the perfect pair of quality and beauty it’s a rare combination in all field still Moderna gives you what you desire 




Manufacturing quality of international brands are non-compromising IMAC is an Italy based brand in pet accessory. It's a reputed brand with high quality pet accessories. The products of this brand are manufacturing in Italy, all products are assuring greatest degree of quality materials, and also focusing on the comfort of your pets also with innovations and creativity. They are paying attention in designs of the pet's accessories.  

The IMAC products are focusing on the preference of yours for your pets. Wide range of accessories and products helps you to choose comfortable pet accessories for your pets. IMAC products are for all kind of pets; cats, Dogs, turtles, rodents, fish, birds, hamsters, kennels, rabbits, etc.,  

Pet accessories are using in a daily basis for the pets, leashes and all will replace it when its damaged or its loose the quality. When pets have this regularly the accessories need good quality. 

The company doesn't sell its products directly, but you can find them in local pet stores, or you can order them online from aquarium lives, the best place to buy pet supplies online in UAE.   




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